girl and puppy

Life is all about strong bonds

Bonds between friends. Bonds that sustain us. Bonds that make us grow...

Bonds are essential for our well-being. They provide energy that brings us joy and comforts us. Even when we don’t think about them, they are there, making life richer and more enjoyable. To protect these bonds, we’ve created Nobivac, one of the finest small animal vaccines in the world.  Appealing to the higher values in life, Nobivac vaccines help protect essential bonds across the vaccination value chain:

  • Between pet owners and their pets thanks to the superior research and development and high protective efficacy of the vaccines
  • Between veterinarians and their clients through business-building programs and support
  • Between veterinarians and MSD Animal Health Territory Managers thanks to products and services practitioners can trust

When you choose Nobivac vaccines and associated services, you can rest assured that you have a high performance, dependable solution that lets you accomplish your job just the way you want to. After all, some of the world’s most precious bonds depend on it.